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Friday, June 22, 2007


I've been at this new job for 4+ months. I can come up with dozens of reason to quit but I won't! I like my coworkers.. minus one or two and the job is pretty cool.

My brother and I (more like.. just my Brother because he did most of the work) built my puppy a doghouse. I had it all planned and sketched out, I figured 24" would be plenty of height for him, but my brother ignored my plans and built it to 36". Thanks to this I can actually fit inside my dogs house. Sometimes I chill in there with him and we laugh at the cat, and sometimes the cat joins us and we all laugh at the other dog. I had to test his house first to make sure it was comfortable. It's really cozy and he loves it! I wonder what the neighbors think when they see me crawling into it. I bet they think I'm crazy. But then again, they've been our neighbors for years so they MUST know by now that I really am crazy.

I'd like to build a toy box for his doggy toys. That's the next project. And a cat house to be added onto the doghouse. Right now they sleep together but I think if I build the cat a house on top of the doghouse she'll like it better.

I turned 28 on Monday, boo woo. This morning a coworker told me that I don't look my age. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. He thought I was 23.

Thank you for the happy birthday wishes!! I celebrated it a day early on Fathers Day with my Papa. It was a good birthday.

I've got to take time out to read up on the new blogger features. I know there's a privacy thing now that enables me to post private password protected entries, but I need to set it. Gimme a few days I'll get it done this weekend! <3

(Saludos Sergio y gracias!)

1 comment:

MissPrissy said...

28 is nothing, try being 40 and feeling 17 some days, and 70 others!
I want to see a pic of the puppy house, I bet it's awesome!