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Thursday, September 11, 2003

After The Fall

Dust now settled
in the shadows of memory,
we heed the alarm
and rise to face a new day.

Sorrow clouds the mind
as we struggle with reason.

Eyes open,
leery of what we might see,
we move forward

with honor and love
in our hearts.


Monday, August 18, 2003

Combination of Loss and Humiliation May Trigger Depression

"Love can make our life wonderful, but it also can make us miserable," says Kendler.


Friday, August 01, 2003


Johns Hopkins University surgeons performed three simultaneous kidney transplants in a complex piece of medical choreography that had nurses rushing organs in labeled coolers among six operating rooms.

"The recipients — Jeremy Weiser-Warschoff, 13, of Silver Spring, Md.; Tracy Stahl, 39, of Johnstown, Pa.; and Allum, 30, of Coral Gables, Fla. — had each come to the hospital with his or her own prospective donor. But the donors did not prove to be good matches for them. Instead, the hospital did some mixing and matching.
Julia Tower, 57, originally planned to donate to Weiser-Warschoff, her friends’ son, but proved a better match for Stahl. Likewise, Paul Boissiere, 30, wanted to give his kidney to Allum, his fiancĂ©e, but wound up donating to Weiser-Warschoff. And Connie Dick, 41, intended to donate her kidney to her sister, Stahl, but instead was Allum’s donor."

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Friday, July 18, 2003

And that's why God made Mexico

I miss Mexico.

"...And that's why God made Mexico
A place where we can lay low
And the Cuervo goes down nice and slow
And the warm winds blow
That's why God made Mexico

...Cause life is sweet in a border town
You learn to let your hair down
And you don't make trouble
You learn to dance the Fandango
You change your name, maybe change your face
Get used to beans chili paste
And you learn to live and love
Life in the slow lane

That's why God made
Made Mexico"
-Tim Mcgraw

Sunday, July 13, 2003

This calm before the storm...

Blue skies with a white fluffy cloud here and there. Birds are chirping and flying around from tree to tree. Concrete is hot, burned my bare feet - and there's no wind. It's calm. Eerie calm. Yet, 400+ miles out into the Gulf of Mexico dwells Claudette. She's up to 60mph now... wonder if our windows will survive. Ugh. Stupid wires better not snap either. Last time we went about 2-3 weeks without power after the tornado and it was a bitch getting someone out here to finally fix it.
Here's a poem, it's by a guy named Paul Chen.

this calm before the storm
this treasured moment,
this quiet lull,
this calm before the storm

soon, it will end,
soon, become a rage,
this calm before the storm

i savor and cherish,
i will hold in,
this calm before the storm

while it is still,
while you are calm,
this calm before the storm
© 1999-Paul Chen

Friday, July 11, 2003

22.9N - 89.6W

The storm is slowly heading out over open Gulf waters and is forecast to slowly strengthen. Just what we need. A storm to rip our house to shreds. We just fixed our windows from the tornado damage and now big mamma Claudette is giving us the "eye". o.O Hope it doesn't get too strong.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

I opened up an account on Hot or Not. Do you think I'm hot?

Tuesday, June 17, 2003


"Name of Cristina has made you a friendly, approachable, and generous person. Generally you are good-natured, though at times you can be blunt and sarcastic. As you are naturally talkative, you find it easy to meet and make friends with many people. This name inclines you to be sympathetic and generous to those in difficult or unfortunate circumstances. You can be firm, positive, and independent in your own ideas and in reaching your own decisions, yet when it comes to taking action or following things through to completion, you often need encouragement. You respond quickly to kind words or any appreciation shown you. There are artistic, creative abilities in this name that you could express through music or singing, or, in a practical way, through sewing or interior decorating. You enjoy freedom from monotony and are stimulated by unexpected opportunities for meeting people, entertaining, or pursuing activities of a carefree nature. In your work, you find it difficult to be neat and orderly. You rarely plan things ahead of time, or follow a routine. Emotion and feeling, the desire to be carefree, friendly, and happy, are the driving forces in your being, rather than shrewdness, ambition, and material success. You could experience headaches, or problems with your teeth, ears, eyes, or sinuses. Health weaknesses relative to the functioning of the liver could appear."

Move over American Idol and Trading Spaces... I'm comin' through! G'night

Monday, June 16, 2003

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Saturday, June 14, 2003

According to Google, I, Cristina, am:
a single mexican woman(hispanic), holding anna(sister's named Ana), is the quintessential california girl(was born in CA), is still very much interested in the evolutionary stages and new techniques in cooking and in food science(true, I collect recipes), is a native of ciudad juarez but has also lived in many areas of the world including barcelona(have family in Juarez and I'm obsessed with Barcelona), is true(uh, ok), is very original(uh, okay again), is concerned with the pollution of beaches and habitat destruction(true), is cleared of the murder charge(true), is on the edge of modern portuguese culture(I've been trying to learn Portuguese), is a national honor society member(during high school, yes), is deeply engaged in discussions(uh, okay), is the second child of king juan carlos and queen sofia of spain(I wish).

*Googlism.com will find out what Google.com thinks of you, your friends or anything! Search for your name here or for a good laugh check out some of the popular Googlisms.

Friday, June 13, 2003

West nile virus case here in the city. City health officials confirmed the first disease-infected mosquitoes from a batch caught in the 1000 block of Bobalo Drive, not far from us. City officials said it is the first case in the state. Stupid mosquitoes. And this is only the beginning of summer. And to make me feel better, "officials predict that the next seven to eight months may have heavy mosquito populations" They put this story in the local paper today too: "C.C. No.1 for Birdwatching!" America's Birdiest City. Now let me show you another article from a completely different page, "The virus comes from certain birds" Yea, here come the tourists. Bring it on SARS, Monkeypox and West Nile Virus.. bring it on.
*swats mosquito & cocks shotgun* tweet tweet.
Here's an image for you.