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Friday, August 24, 2007


This isn't the kind of news you want to hear 5 minutes before heading out to work. I heard the phone ring but I figured it could wait. Then it stopped ringing and started all over again. When I realized it was my best friend I knew something was wrong. She gave me the news. I worked alone tonight and I didn't want to be there. I tried to keep busy but I just couldn't help but wonder.. Why did he do it?

Best friend and I talked until my phone battery died. It was 3am here, 10am her time. It doesn't make any sense. Why?? His poor family. He's going to be missed by so many people. Did he not know this?

Donald R. Spencer Jr., an Iraqi War Marine Corps veteran, died Aug. 18, 2007. He was 28.

Survivors include his mother, Maria Spencer of Corpus Christi; a sister, Amanda Andis of Corpus Christi; and his grandparents, Reyneta Garza of New Mexico and Joan and Raymond Andis of Oklahoma.


Saw his face in a corner picture. I recognized the name.
Could not stop staring at the. Face I'd never see again.

It's a shame to awake in a world of pain
-Pearl Jam