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Monday, September 24, 2007

I have big feet.

I feel like painting. I took out all my canvas and my art supplies are nice and organized now. They won't be like that much longer. I didn't know I had so many tubes of paint, I forgot my brother bought me a set of big oil tubes for my birthday. They've been sitting there in a box for months. Time to use them! My least favorite medium is watercolor and my favorite one is oil.
The other day I went to Barnes & Noble to buy books for class and I ended up buying art books too. They were having a sale and I bought 5 of them. I nearly had a heart attack when I got the total but I signed up for their membership thing and saved a few bucks so that made me feel a little better.

I also subscribed to a couple of knitting magazines.. haha. I bought some DPN's to knit some socks, this will be my first attempt at knitting socks. I bet the first pair will come out crooked but who cares, I'll still wear them. I didn't know Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune had her own yarn. I thought that was pretty funny.\

Meet the newest member of the family. The dogs have welcomed him into their pack and they all take turns kitty-sitting him. He's 6 weeks old, fluffy and so playful. "Blue"


New Family member

Brother found this guy in the kitchen: